David Tahan
Chief Executive Officer

Charlie Bailey
Chief Financial Officer
& Chief Operating Officer

Andres L. Borbon
Senior Vice President of Interactive Television

Eran Sherin
Founder and President Emeritus



Since our inception in 1999, KoolConnect has featured not only a rich history of innovation, but also an ability to focus that innovation on helping hoteliers meet the dynamic changes in technology and guest expectations. KoolConnect’s pioneering work in hospitality technology continues to allow hoteliers to reduce costs and maximize their return on their network investment, while also providing guests with improved picture quality and advanced interactive services.

The secret to our success lies in a stellar team of designers, engineers and content professionals that continue to design and distribute today’s leading media solutions and services to hotels of any size or segment—and in any region of the world.

David Tahan, Chief Executive Officer

Photo of David TahanDavid Tahan joined KoolConnect’s executive team after spending 22 years in an executive role at GTE and General Dynamics.  Mr. Tahan is be responsible for the strategic business relationships critical to the success of KoolConnect, including all key suppliers, the Hollywood studios and other key content providers.

As an executive at GTE,  Mr. Tahan was the chief procurement officer and chairman of GTE’s Strategic Supplier Council.  In that role, Mr. Tahan managed the relationships of all of GTE’s strategic suppliers who combined sold over $5B annually to the various GTE operating companies.  Mr. Tahan was awarded several performance awards during his stint at GTE including the prestigious President’s Award.

In his last 7 years with GTE and General Dynamics, Mr. Tahan was on the management team of General Dynamics Interactive and was responsible for all content agreements and content distribution.

Mr. Tahan holds degrees from Catholic University in Washington DC (BA) and from Rivier College in New Hampshire (MBA).  Mr. Tahan and his wife Heather have four children.

Charlie Bailey, Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Charlie BaileyMr. Bailey joined KoolConnect in 2006 as Chief Financial Officer and in 2007 he took on the additional responsibilities of Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Bailey has 22 years of experience in financial and operational areas with a history of working successfully with small companies that have grown substantially in a short period of time. More specifically, he was previously Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer for UpToDate, a medical software publisher with world-wide sales. Prior to that, he was Chief Financial Officer for Insta-Care Pharmacy, the nation’s largest independent consultant pharmacy company.

Mr. Bailey oversees the Company’s financial and accounting areas in addition to the customer life cycle from point of sale through renewal of services. These areas include customer installations, customer service, content provision and hardware procurement. He is assisting the Company with refocusing internal operations to be increasingly customer concentric as well as adapting the Company’s internal systems to be poised for explosive growth.

Mr. Bailey has a MBA with a Computer Science Concentration from Bentley College in Massachusetts as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.

Eran Sherin, Founder and President Emeritus

Photo of Eran SherinAs Founder and President Emeritus of KoolConnect Technologies, Mr. Sherin contibuted to lead the company's vision since its inception in 1999. A veteran of the hospitality, Internet and travel industries, Mr. Sherin's first-hand knowledge has enabled KoolConnect to develop its state-of-the art service application, execute its innovative platform and expand on its international capabilities.

Prior to KoolConnect, Mr. Sherin founded a portal-based community site that focused on new and innovative communication vehicles for consumer use on the Internet. Before focusing his attention on the new media and hospitality industries in North America, Mr. Sherin served as principal of Quantum Investments, a successful real estate development firm. Raised between South Africa and Australia, Mr. Sherin holds degrees in the Internet Technology, Business and Education fields.

Andres L. Borbon, Vice President of Interactive Television

Photo of Andres BorbonAndres Borbon joined KoolConnect Technologies in early 2000 as one of the original core team members. Mr. Borbon has played a key role in taking the complexity out of in-room entertainment by designing products with a friendly & streamlined user interface. Mr. Borbon has continued to drive the company's creative and technology services group and has proven to be an innovator in maintaining visual synergy across multiple platforms.

Mr. Borbon is a trained artist and has more than 9 years experience in the multimedia marketing, advertising and technology fields.  Prior to joining KoolConnect Technologies, Mr. Borbon served as Creative and IT manager at Lazeon Cooperation a vertical textile company were he was responsible for creating brand identities, interactive marketing CDs, print campaigns, promotional animations and website production. While at Lazeon Corp. Mr. Borbon is most accredited for creating a new brand identity for Daily Jeans, Anti-Basisx, Daily Schoolwear and Metro Paris lines.

Mr. Borbon also focused very early on and founded Defined Graphics, a multimedia design firm specializing in web development, video animation, interactive user applications and high-end video players. Clients have included companies in the semiconductor, B2B plasma distribution, IT Business Solution providers, entertainment industry and hospitality.

Mr. Borbon graduated from The High School of Art & Design with art honors and the gold medal for computer graphics, and later continued his studies at New York City Technical College were he majored in Art & Advertising. Mr. Borbon currently devotes time to mentor inner city youth on arts and culture and is pursuing to volunteer time with the disabled and elderly to further study usability and interaction skills in people.

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